Full GC Estimate

Additions & Renovations 21 Baby Point Cres



Interior_Remodeling_of_Basement Full_GC_Estimate



Antech_Diagnostics_Virginia Lab_Full_GC_Estimate

Melissa_Residence Full_GC_Estimate

 County of Elgin Admin Bldg Elevator Additions & Washroom Reno, Thomas

Class A Estimate

King William Mixed Use Redevelopment Full GC

2nd Storey Addition of 43 Alamosa Dr Full GC

Estimate Pre Tender

Habitat Restore New Facility

Class C Estimate

 East 180th Street, Bronx, New York on Rev. 

Estimate of Proposed 4 Story Mixed Used New Building


Aviation Medical Park Drywall Estimate.

Christie Innomed Interior Renovation Drywall with Framing.

Nimmons Court Drywall Estimate.

Farida Residence Drywall with Framing Estimate.


Lizardi Street Framing and Trim works Estimate Rev 1

Green Grove Structural Estimate

Interior Fitout

Dollar Tree – 255 East, 138th Street, Bronx, NY

Concrete Work

Concrete Ramp Replacement Concrete Estimate

Scott Town Autobody 19816 Telegraph Trail, Langley, BC Formwork Estimate

Anduhyaun Women Shelter Concrete Estimate

One Park Reinforcement Take off Report


St.James Church of Christ Education Building Masonry

South Street Masonry Estimate

Albany High School Additions Renovations

City view Tower at Court Square

Misc. Steel

Ceda Misc. Steel Estimate

Glendale Pumping Station

 McDonald’s New Building – Coopers Town Promenade


Sunnydale HOPE SF Block 6 Painting Estimate

Jamesville Lofts, Painting Takeoff Estimate

Amber Residence Painting Estimate

HH Angus Office Renovation Paint Estimate

Caulking & Fire Stop

Jerry Coughlan Health and Wellness Centre Caulking & Fire Stopping Estimate

Meade High School Firestop Estimate

Park West Commercial Development Expansion Joint Estimate

Strip Center Exterior Caulking Estimate


Griebel Residence Roofing Estimate

Horizon Academy Roofing Estimate

CARVANA Roofing Takeoff

Bow Mountain Rd Roofing Takeoff


Village Center at Stadium Place Siding Estimate

Oakville Fire Station No.8 Exterior Siding Estimate

Structural Steel

Airdrie Catholic School


Centrium Concession & Washrooms Renovation Steel Estimate

Sky Pointe Landing Estimate

HVAC -Mechanical

New Brethren Church HVAC Takeoff

Estimate Westwood Gardens Imperial 

Rebuild Existing Gas Station HVAC Estimate

Eleven New Store HVAC Estimate


Pur and Simple Kingsway Mall Plumbing Estimate

Auto Repair Center Mechanical Estimate

Dr.K.G.Lim Dental Office Plumbing Estimate

Yonge St


Midland Appliance Langley Sprinkler Estimate Rev 1

Midland Appliance Langley Sprinkler Estimate


Jackson Memorial Hospital

Drury Plaza Hotel

Moreland Ave Electrical Estimate

Wago Canada Electrical Estimate

Fire Alarm

John F Kennedy High School Fire Alarm Upgrades

Site Work

City of Hereford Civic Center Site work Estimate

Retail Development, Northwest Corner Site work Estimate

Walk On’s Odessa Site work Estimate

Tohono O odham  & Archie Hendricks Senior Skilled Nursing Facility Estimate


Proposed Residential Development Landscaping Take off

Construction Schedule

Fedex Barrie Schedule rev1.2.4 (December 1st 2020)

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